ʎuuəɾ ɯ,ı ˙ıɥ
I don't act my age =]


You never got the chance to feel a summer breeze kiss your cheek

as the smell of honeysuckle danced up your nostrils.

You never got to feel your first raindrop splash on your shoulder

and tickle its way down your arm.

You never got to pick a favorite animal

so I could go out and find it stuffed

and rest it at your side while you slept.

You never got a name.

You only got 2 months.

All we had was two months.

And I never got to know what it was like to call you mine.

And if I could I would give you my forever

and spend it apologizing for all the chances I took away from you

because I wasn’t ready

Because I couldn’t do it.

I would tell you I’m sorry

for giving you life

just to take it away

before you ever even got to feel a soft summer breeze

or a mother

kiss your cheek.

Robin Williams made everybody happy, but himself.

Just heard this on the news and my heart broke. (via tywins)

Yesterday, I told him to fuck off

and it felt fucking great.